Why You Should Not Give a Statement After Your Car Accident

Immediately after your accident you can be sure that the other driver's insurance company will contact you and ask for a recorded statement. Most people have heard the common advice that they shouldn't give statements, but for some reason they agree to give a statement anyways. "I'm smart enough to talk my way through this," they say to themselves. "I'll make the insurance adjuster understand what really happened. I won't say anything to hurt my claim." Sure.

No one sets out to destroy their claim, but they always end up doing so when they make a statement. Why? Because insurance adjusters are trained to destroy your claim. It doesn't make them bad people. The fact is that their job is to pay you as little as possible for your injuries. How does the statement hurt you? When the adjuster asks you to give a statement, he or she will be very polite about it. They have a script that their working from that's designed to get you to agree to give the statement. They know that if you give a statement they will get you to say at least a couple of things that they will be able to use against you. Here's one of the many real life example that we've seen:

Q: What speed were you traveling?
A: I don't really know.

Now the adjuster has the foundation to claim this person was speeding. After making this innocent statement, this person will have a difficult time defending the claim that he was speeding - even though he actually wasn't! After all, he doesn't know.

In this case, the adjuster felt that this statement called for a 10% reduction in the damages this person was entitled to. Is that fair? Of course not. But that's the reality of the auto insurance business. This person didn't set out to hurt his claim, yet he did so anyways. And don't think that you wouldn't fall for some of the same insurance trickery. After looking at hundreds of statements we have yet to see one that didn't hurt the person making it in some way. So please do not give a statement to the other insurance company.