Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Most people involved in car accidents rush to find a personal injury lawyer. But before you hire a lawyer you should determine whether you even need an attorney and be aware of which attorneys to avoid. So let's take a look at where most people find their personal injury lawyers:

Traditional Attorney Referral Sources: These include everything from legal services directories - regional and national - those 800 numbers like 800-lawyer-of-the-day or websites like The problem with these services is that they simply send your case to the highest personal injury attorney-bidder. The lawyers these services recommend have simply paid to be listed in your area. Sure, the service will tell you these lawyers are "pre-screened," but at the end of the day those services are being paid to recommend that attorney. So, what kind of attorney will you be connected to? Who knows? But you can be sure that the top attorneys in your area don't pay to be listed with these services. In fact, in the extra-fine print of all attorney referral sources, you’ll find a disclaimer that reads like this: "We do not endorse or recommend the attorneys listed or check the qualifications of our attorneys." Then why do you recommend them!

You can settle your car accident claim on your own, without an attorney. If you've been injured in a car crash try’s free online claims program. allows you to handle your case on your own, without paying for an attorney. What do you have to loose? If for any reason you can’t settle your claim on your own, or if you've experienced serious injuries or been involved in a complex accident, contact for help with your claim.

Bar Associations: Bar associations provide a long list of lawyers and practices that specialize in personal injury claims. In fact, regional bar associations list every member of the bar association! So how do you choose who’s best qualified to handle your case? You’re picking blind. Web/Yellow Pages: If you find a lawyer on the web or in the phone book, the only thing you know is that the lawyer has a website and a telephone. This is not a way to select a lawyer. You’ve got to narrow it down.

Your Friend the Real Estate/Business/Criminal/Tax Attorney: You may have friends who are attorneys but don't practice personal injury law, and specifically, these friends don't handle car accident cases. We know your friend is just trying to help, but you're probably better off handling your own claim. You're friend will treat it as a favor rather than a job, and your recovery will suffer as a result.

TV Ads: Lawyers who advertise on TV are generally not the actual lawyers who handle cases. So you really don't know who’s handling your critical business. The other thing to consider is the volume of cases these lawyers handle. Typically your call is routed to a call center where you’ll talk to a several of people before you actually get a lawyer on the phone - if you ever get a lawyer on the phone. Sometimes the lawyers handling TV cases are good because they have experience. The problem is that they may have many hundreds or thousands of cases at one time. Once you sign up with them, your case will just be one more in their box of cases. Doesn’t your claim deserve more attention than this? will guide you through the car accident claims process. Using's FREE online car accident claims software you can settle your claim on your own, without an attorney. When you handle your own claim you’ll know that you will give your claim the attention it deserves. Plus, you won’t pay attorneys fees! Start using to get the settlement you deserve.